29+ Best Telegram Tamil Movie Channels (2023 Updated)

Are you searching for Telegram Tamil movie channels to download Kollywood films for free? Look no further! You will find an extensive list of channels offering new Tamil movies with free download links here! Tamil films hold an especially dear place in the hearts of people in South India who primarily speak their regional Tamil dialect.

Kollywood (Tamil for “the Kingdom”) boasts an illustrious history dating back to 1918, with R. Nataraja Mudaliar’s Keechaka Vadham being released as the inaugural Tamil silent film.

These technologically innovative movies boast extraordinary special effects that enhance cinematic experiences beyond compare.

Tamil movies have become a worldwide hit, captivating audiences with their blend of cultural authenticity and universal appeal. So if you’re eager to experience budget movies from South India while immersing yourself in its rich moral heritage, Telegram offers plenty of Tamil movie channels dedicated to entertainment!

What are Telegram Tamil Movie Channels ?

Telegram Tamil Movie Channels are dedicated movie channels on the Telegram platform, exclusively featuring films related to the Tamil language.

These channels cater to Tamil-speaking individuals wishing to watch or download Tamil movies conveniently.

With the global reach of Tamil cinemas from India, these Telegram channels have become increasingly popular, serving as a go-to source for Tamil movie enthusiasts worldwide.

Join these channels to stay updated with the latest releases and enjoy the best of Kollywood entertainment!

Best Telegram Tamil Movie Channels

Channel NameChannel Join Link
DesimoviesJoin Now
Movie SeriesJoin Now
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New ReleaseJoin Now
CC Video LibraryJoin Now
Tamil MoviezJoin Now
Tamil Movies
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Official (.im)
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Tamil Thriller
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Tamil CinemahubJoin Now
Tamil FilmsJoin Now
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TamilMv.czJoin Now
TamilRockers.comJoin Now
TollywoodzzJoin Now
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1. Desimovies: A channel for Tamil movie enthusiasts, offering a diverse collection of Desi films for entertainment.

2. HD MOVIES: Get ready for an unparalleled cinematic experience with high-definition Tamil movies in this channel.

3. Movie Series: Explore a series of thrilling Tamil movies that will keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat.

4. MovieSeriesDB New: Stay updated with the latest additions to our extensive database of Tamil movie series.

5. Movies_HD_Netflix_Telugu_Tamil: Enjoy a variety of HD movies, including Tamil and Telugu titles, just like the ones on Netflix.

6. New Release: Never miss a new Tamil movie release again! Get instant access to the latest blockbusters.

7. CC Video Library: Delve into an extensive library of captivating Tamil cinema in this channel.

best Tamil Movies telegram channel

8. Tamil Moviez: A one-stop destination for all your Tamil movie needs, offering a wide range of films.

9. Tamil Movies (Dedicated): Exclusively dedicated to Tamil movies, this channel ensures an immersive cinematic journey.

10. TamilMV Official (.im): Official channel of TamilMV, providing the best Tamil movies and updates.

11. Tamil Thriller Movies: For all thriller movie enthusiasts, here’s a curated selection of adrenaline-pumping Tamil films.

12. Tamil Cinemahub: Immerse yourself in the world of Tamil cinema with a hub of movies catering to all tastes.

13. Tamil Films: Explore the best of Tamil cinema through a collection of top-notch films.

14. TAMILROCKERS HD MOVIES: Get access to TamilRockers’ finest collection of high-definition Tamil movies.

15. TamilMv.cz: Stay updated with the latest releases and popular Tamil movies on TamilMv.

16. TamilRockers.com: Offering the latest Tamil movies and entertainment from the well-known TamilRockers website.

17. Tollywoodzz: Experience the charm of Tollywood with a selection of Telugu and Tamil movies.

18. WATCH HD MOVIES: Unleash the magic of HD movies, including Tamil gems, for an unparalleled viewing experience.


In conclusion, these are the best Tamil Movies telegram channel, offering a convenient way to watch and enjoy the latest Tamil films from the comfort of your home.

If you’re a Telegram user looking for the latest Tamil movies, then you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on these groups and channels. If you have any questions or want to add your own channel to the list, feel free to contact us.

Embrace the world of Kollywood and indulge in captivating stories and cinematic experiences through these top-notch Telegram Tamil movie channels. Happy movie watching!

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